More About PTC

What does PTC do?

The purpose of PTC is to support & encourage the on-going education of all elementary students and to promote activities that will generate physical & financial resources for those programs. Here is an example of some of our yearly activities: Coordinate Room Parents, help with Health Screenings, School Pictures.  Organize the school carnival night, the first community talent show, & the book fair burrito supper.

Why should you join?

  It's Fun!  ...What better way to be more involved in your child's education, get more familiar with their school and make some great friends too!  It's Free!... It's Easy! ...There are no membership contracts & you aren't required to help out at every event!

The way you get meaning into
your life is to devote yourself to
loving others, devote yourself to
your community around you, and
devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning'
- Mitch Albom