Upcoming Events
   Open House
   Aug 20 2018 at 05:00 PM
   Regular Meeting Board of Education
   Aug 20 2018 at 07:00 PM
   First day of School
   Aug 22 2018
   Student Pictures - K-5
   Aug 30 2018 at 07:50 AM
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Platte Valley Elementary School creates and maintains a positive and innovative learning environment. Through community, collaboration, and high expectations students become high-achieving graduates prepared for the 21stcentury. 

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PVES Back-to-School Newsletter


If you are like me, you are probably feeling the same way as Charlie Brown. School years fly by and summers come and go even more quickly. Never fear though, now that I am back, I am in full school mode and excited about another year at Platte Valley Elementary. I hope you and your family feel the same way. All of our teachers are returning this year and we hope to continue to grow to ensure this is the best year ever for our school. As we venture into another year together, please consider the following to ensure that your child maximizes their school experience and improves their personal learning to the greatest extent possible.

  • When students believe in themselves and set lofty goals, it significantly influences their education. One of the best gifts you can bestow upon your child is your confidence in them. It is the mission of our staff to ensure that we believe that all of our students can achieve beyond their greatest expectations.
  • Technology can be a blessing and a curse. There is extensive research now that students who spend more than an hour a day playing video games or entrenched in technology, are much more likely to have social, attention, motivation and learning difficulties. When parents limit electronics, children are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors such as playing with others, reading, art, conversing, playing games with family, and getting much needed exercise.
  • If possible, talk to your child every day about school and their personal goals, fears and accomplishments. This can keep you informed and students motivated.
  • Reading is at the center of just about everything in the academic world and it is a top priority in our school. All students from kindergarten through 5th grade will read a great deal at their level. We have reading stamina goals at each grade level and we hope that all of our students learn to love to read.
  • PVES has a new math curriculum this year called Bridges. The program has had great success across the country and is one of the most highly reviewed systems available. There will be shifts in how the classroom operates and in homework. Please let your teacher or the office know if you have questions and we will be providing information throughout the school year to help students and parents become comfortable with the new program. Many teachers have piloted Bridges and we have had very positive reviews from students and staff alike. We feel as though we are ready to take the next step in helping our students become stronger and more confident in math and problem solving. For more information about Bridges click on the link. https://www.mathlearningcenter.org/families/bridges2


Calendar of Events for August and September

8/4         Kersey Day

8/13       Parent/Teacher Council Meeting (6:30 Elementary Library)

8/20      Back to School Night (5:00pm-7:00pm)

8/22       First day of School

9/3         Labor Day (no school)

9/10       Parent/Teacher Council Meeting (6:30 Elementary Library)

9/21       Teacher In-service (no school for students)

9/27       Literacy Night (5:00pm-7:00pm)


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