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Keyboarding Activities

dance matDance Mat Typing  learnLearn 2 Type   olympicKeyboarding Triathlon
Academic Skill Builders-
Typing Games

Keyboarding Games 

Typing Master 

Up Beat Keyboarding Game

 Alpha Munchies-Keyboarding Typing Test 

 Brown Bear Typing K-1
 Alpha-Quick ABC Typing  Geo-Greeting

Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Zoo  Keyboarding Arcade-TypingWeb 

Keyboard Climber 2 
Alpha Scramble  Words Per Minute 

 Popcorn Typer
Text Type 2  Launch Key 

Blank Keyboard Challenge
ABCya! Keyboarding Games  Key Seeker 
    Turtle Diary - Letters, Numbers, Shift, & Arrow keys Key Maze  Key Racer 
Box the Keys KeyTris  Key Memory 
Type Faster-2 Letter Speed K-1  Typing Factory 
Owlie Boo (Mouse, clicking, & Dragging)  Nitro Type (Use the race as guest button) Super Typing Spider 

Typing Adventure    Home Row Factory

Holiday Fun!

 Elf Maker  Santa Selfie  Penguin Dash
 Gumball Tilt  Speed Sketch Gift Sling Shot 


BrainPop Video-What is a blog?

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