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dance matDance Mat Typing  learnLearn 2 Type   olympicKeyboarding Triathlon
Academic Skill Builders-
Typing Games

Keyboarding Games 

Typing Master 

Up Beat Keyboarding Game

 Alpha Munchies-Keyboarding Typing Test 

 Brown Bear Typing K-1
 Alpha-Quick ABC Typing  Geo-Greeting

Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Zoo  Keyboarding Arcade-TypingWeb 

Keyboard Climber 2 
Alpha Scramble  Words Per Minute 

 Popcorn Typer
Text Type 2  Launch Key 

Blank Keyboard Challenge
ABCya! Keyboarding Games  Key Seeker 
    Turtle Diary - Letters, Numbers, Shift, & Arrow keys Key Maze  Key Racer 
Box the Keys KeyTris  Key Memory 
Type Faster-2 Letter Speed K-1  Typing Factory 
Owlie Boo (Mouse, clicking, & Dragging)  Nitro Type (Use the race as guest button) Super Typing Spider 

Typing Adventure    Home Row Factory


BrainPop Video-What is a blog?

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